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Elaheh Eghbal

By: Elaheh Eghbal on October 15th, 2015

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Why One Company Developed A Mobile Business Technology Division

Data Management | Project Monitoring

Australian-based public company BSA has developed a division focusing solely on Mobile Business Technologies. Now, they are able to work with their clients to find long term, sustainable solutions for their projects.

BSA is a public company listed on the Australian Stock Exchange. The BSA Group is a diverse engineering, contracting company focused on the delivery of infrastructure projects, services, and equipment to the building service industry. It is also one of the leading communications and technical services companies in Australia, providing installation and maintenance solutions to the broadcast and telecommunications industries.

I operate in a new division and start-up initiative for BSA; the Mobile Business Technologies business unit. The vision of our start-up is to be the most trusted business technology people anywhere by helping small to medium businesses use practical technology in the most cost-effective, risk-free way possible. Zerion is our recommended field-based platform for our clients and is one of the key ways for our clients to begin the journey towards standardizing their business processes.

We aligned with Zerion for a number of different reasons. The main driver was familiarity with the platform and previous success with rapid design, development, and deployment of customised field data capture solutions. Zerion APIs and guaranteed POST capability also make it very flexible. The level of security around the Zerion platform and the ability to host in their Australian-based server help us achieve a level of compliance that really stands out to our marketplace since many clients need to adhere to government standards of privacy if they want to work for them.

BSA uses Zerion across the Technical Maintenance Services Division, and has done so every hour of every day for the past 4 years, as the field record documentation and transmittal process.  It is used to send and receive work orders, confirm equipment and plant operation status in critical areas, control labour costs through integrated timesheet postings, and most importantly document any and all work hazards prior to conducting any work or performing any task. All of these capabilities have delivered insights into time to complete works, mean time between failures for plant, and labour costs – budget vs actual.

The Mobile Business Technologies division has created complete stock management systems, purchase order processes, subcontractor work order completion forms, as well as log on and log off kiosk arrangements for its clientele. We see ourselves pushing the capabilities of what we can do daily. As more and more features are developed within the platform there is only an upside to continuing with Zerion.

As previously mentioned, the most useful features we see are the APIs. Zerion’s transactional capability is fantastic. We’d like to see that grow even more and start tying in some real automation behind record creation and assignment.

Any organization can benefit from using Zerion because of the standardization achieved when data is returned from the devices. Super users will benefit from the more advanced functions around data feeds, queries and the API but anyone can get started and build a form to deploy.

We’re very proud to have been selected as a winner of the Zerion Distinguished Project Award and to be qualified as Certified Business/Program Consultants/Partners with Zerion in Australia/New Zealand.  It is a fantastic platform which we believe in, the staff are fantastic, and the business strategy set by Zerion’s leadership team seems to be working.

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Elaheh Eghbal is the Marketing Manager at Zerion. She is an adventurer, photographer, furniture builder, and wannabe foosball pro. If you have any questions about this post or just want to say hi, she would love to hear from you!

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