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Kevin Ellison

By: Kevin Ellison on June 23rd, 2016

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Whole Foods Warned by the Food and Drug Administration

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Excelling at food safety and compliance with Zerion

Add Whole Foods Market Inc. to the recent list of major companies failing to follow proper compliance in manufacturing, packaging and storing food.

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration issued a warning letter to Whole Foods executives on June 8, stating the company’s failures to meet minimum food safety requirements during an inspection of a Massachusetts plant that supplies ready-to-eat products across the Northeast.  The failed inspection revealed Whole Foods’ inability to manufacture, package, and store food in ways that reduce the potential for contamination and microorganism growth.

FDA inspectors found a long list of violations at the Massachusetts plant including; pesto pasta and mushroom quesadillas being prepared or stored in places where condensation was dripping from the ceilings, a doorway, and a fan. The FDA also noted that the company kept dirty dishes near food, didn’t supply hot water at some hand-washing sinks and allowed high-pressure hoses used for cleaning to spray into areas where foods like couscous and salad dressing were being prepared.

Whole Foods has announced that the company has corrected the problems and has opened its doors to FDA inspectors to regularly monitor compliance.

Last year, Whole Foods recalled batches of curry chicken salad and deli pasta from stores along the East Coast after products tested positive for a dangerous form of listeria during a routine inspection of its Massachusetts facility.

The FDA, in its letter to Whole Foods, said the company’s previous response was inadequate, adding that the company failed to mention steps it would take to supervise food processing operations and compliance going forward.  Whole Foods did not provide documentation for inspectors to review.

The FDA summarized the letter to Whole Foods by saying, “your firm should consider  improving your environmental monitoring program to verify the adequacy of your cleaning and sanitation operation.”

Zerion Reimagines Environmental Food Safety Programs

What if Whole Foods, Chipotle, and CRF Frozen Foods were able to provide the FDA with a real-time inspection documentation system? Would profits for these companies have slid to their lowest point since the 2008 recession? What if Whole Foods automated their entire food safety management program to meet and exceed FDA standards?

Zerion is changing the way enterprise food retailers handle environmental monitoring programs, so retailers can get back to doing what they do best; making food that we enjoy every day.

The Zerion mobile suite of tools puts the power of compliance in the hands of food safety controllers and regulators for enterprise companies.

Food processing operations and compliance can be automated and tracked in real time using Zerion mobile data collection, data refinement, and custom dashboard reporting.

Experts estimate that food borne illnesses cost Americans $55 billion every year.  Zerion Food Safety Compliance Monitoring is taking a bite out of hazardous food safety violations for enterprise customers.

Zerion captures environmental food safety data on sight, transforms and aggregates the collected data, and delivers stunning visuals to compliance managers and executives counting on a beautiful reporting visual....all in real time.

FDA inspectors follow rigorous guidelines to ensure the safety of our food supply chain.  Damaging PR has proven disastrous for Whole Foods and Chipotle who are seeing their largest declines in profits in years.  Enterprise food distribution companies must put food safety compliance at the forefront of operations.

From inventory management to monitoring temperatures to routine cleanings, Zerion is making it easier than ever for large enterprises to automate their environmental monitoring programs.
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