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Connor Henwood

By: Connor Henwood on January 26th, 2016

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What to Look For In An Offline Data Collection Platform

Workflow Automation | Project Monitoring | Engineering

Workflow automation is a key factor in solving big data problems. How data is collected in the field makes a huge difference on the entire organization of the project.

Accelerating your mobile workflows with iFormBuilder will ultimately save you time and money. With our flexible form building capabilities, advanced security, and our offline data collection features it takes less time and more efficiency to complete daily tasks.

We could talk all day about how our platform will enhance the way you work and make decisions. But, for the sake of time, here are the top things to look for in a data collection platform and workflow automation system.

1. What kind of front-end work will you be doing?

With the heavy lifting on the front-end, iFormBuilder lets the field user collect data faster and more efficiently. When I mention heavy lifting on the front-end, I mean embedding your data look-up tables, using custom skip logic, and integrating necessary 3rd party apps. This will make your forms dance and increase productivity within the form. The more data automation you have within your workflow the more data integrity they will see in the long run.

Now iFormBuilder takes data very serious, we make sure that every time a new record is started “MetaData” is captured in the background with-out the field user knowing. This MetaData includes: Username, Time & Date Stamp, GPS (Latt, Long, Elevation), Wind Speed, and Compass Direction.

2. What kind of environment are your field teams in?

When you go out into the field to collect to collect data, we don’t want you to stop because of a lack of signal! iFormBuilder assumes you are going to be offline when collecting data. Collecting data can take you to the Pacific Northwest, Nepal, Australia, and everywhere in between. Download forms and data when you have a connection and collect data in the offline environment. Once you are back at a connection, sync your device and all records will be uploaded to your database.

3. What kinds of hardware do you need to integrate with?

iFormBuilder is built to solve your data collection problems and accelerate your mobile workflows. With our platform being available on both iOS and Android, it opens up different avenues for integration. Smart devices technology has made it possible for all different kinds of integrations. GNSS, GPS, barcode scanning, sensors, temperature probes and Bluetooth printers are being used by current iFormBuilder customers in conjunction with iForm and their database of choice.

4. What will you be doing with the data after it is collected?

So now the data has been collected in the field, then comes the question “What’s Next”? Our platform lets you export your data manually from our web portal into multiple different data feeds. (Excel, JSON, RSS, ATOM, XML,etc.). Ask yourself how this process can be automated. The iFormBuilder API provides a bi-directional data flow between one or many different systems. All of the field data that has been collected can automatically load into your custom back-end systems.

So if your team is having trouble collecting large amounts of data in those areas where signals are rare, we’re here to help. Ready to accelerate your mobile workflows? Let’s go!


About the Author

 Connor Henwood is a Sales Engineer at iFormBuilder based out of the great state of Texas! Connor enjoys all outdoor activities, especially hunting and golf. Most importantly he enjoys helping people, so if you have any questions about getting started with iFormBuilder he is here to help! Email Connor at chenwood@zerionsoftware.com.

About Connor Henwood

Connor Henwood is an Account Manager at Zerion. He is from the great state of Texas! Connor enjoys all outdoor activities, especially hunting and golf. Most importantly he enjoys helping people, so if you have any questions about getting started with Zerion, he is here to help!

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