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Ben Ray

By: Ben Ray on March 4th, 2015

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What Can You Do with a Searchable Option List?

Data Management | Business Insight | Project Monitoring

We recently had our newest release for iOS and Android published to the app stores. This new release includes a number of exciting features; my favorite is the Searchable Option List.

This opens up all kinds of doors for implementing new projects and new use cases. The feature allows you to search through an option list or the Assign-to widget which is similar to searching through a contact list in your phone. Below are a few use cases of searchable option lists and what makes them so awesome!

  • Search a List of Locations

Field teams frequently have an element on the form that includes a list of locations such as warehouses or buildings where they will be gathering data. Instead of scrolling through a large list to find the location, typing it in yields the option.

  • Search Inventory or Products

For every vertical, an inventory needs to be documented in some way. Before searchable option lists, folks would resort to a lookup table and enter in or scan the ID of the inventory to pull up the data. With searchable option lists now you can load your entire inventory list into an option and simply type in the inventory item or product you are looking for and display all information about that item.

  • Search to Assign Users

Many forms include some sort of name field either for the user to choose their name or choose the name of an individual to assign records to. Depending on the number of field team members, this list may be 10 to 1000 names. Now the name can be searched and records can be assigned much more efficiently.

The Zerion team works with groups in every industry and the searchable option is  a huge benefit to their current workflows. This feature will allow them to implement new workflows and save a lot of time for many users. Feel free to leave a comment below and we can talk about how to implement searchable option lists into your forms.


About Ben Ray

Ben Ray is a Solutions Engineer at Zerion and a Black Belt Form Builder. He is an outdoorsman, sports enthusiast, wanna-be car mechanic and can build forms blindfolded. If you have questions about workflow automation, he would love to hear from you!

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