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MJ Nesgoda

By: MJ Nesgoda on August 20th, 2015

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Using Mobile Data Collection for a Cleaner Environment

Data Management | Workflow Automation | Project Monitoring

With the release of the revised Clean Power Plan, there is a big change happening with how energy is being monitored.

As state and federal administrations push for renewable clean energy, coal (which accounted for 39% of electricity in 2014) will become a thing of the past. Current estimates say that by 2030, coal's share of electricity generation will drop by 27 percent. The newer energy will have to be better for the environment as regulations tighten on carbon emissions and pollution. This can be achieved through nuclear power, natural gas, solar energy, and wind. With these new requirements on tracking, monitoring, and regulating pollution, companies and facilities must have a system in place for proper inspections. 

Paper-based inspection forms take too much time, money, and resources but continue to be an integral part of inspections.  What if there was a way to use a mobile device to collect necessary data and then submit the completed inspection form with the tap of a button? Zerion is on the forefront of mobile data collection. The Zerion platform can make inspections and monitoring a seamless and simple workflow. Flexible form building and offline capabilities are great assets for this changing industry.

Flexible Form Building

Forms built in Zerion can adapt at a moments notice. Not all of the Clean Power Plan regulations are set in stone, which means that we are likely to see many changes in the coming years. Through Zerion's smart logic, native widgets, hardware and software integrations, the forms can easily be updated as regulations change. Program managers do not need to retype and reprint thousands of forms that can only be used once. Simply by logging into your account, you can make the necessary changes to the form and users can start submitting data on the updated form in a moments notice. With the click of a button your entire workforce is up-to-date. The flexible form building can save time on data entry, ensure quality responses, integrate with other apps and databases, and, of course, is environmentally friendly.

Offline Data Collection

Some energy facilities are completely off the grid... which means all information needs to be accessible offline. With Zerion, once forms are downloaded onto the device, they are stored locally and connectivity is no longer needed. Users can go throughout their day completing multiple inspections without having any online connection. When the time comes and users can connect to wifi or cellular, their inspection records are synced to the cloud.  Once records are submitted, if there are any mistakes they can immediately be sent back to the users device for corrections to be made. The turn around time can be very quick. This way you are assuring that you are getting correct up-to-date information.

Once a record hits the server, the possibilities are endless on what can be done with the data! Depending on your unique workflow, you may have data pushed into a backend system  or visualized in another web service. The proper systems will need to be in place to monitor and keep records of these energy facilities.

Keeping track of emissions does not have to be a daunting task.  The Zerion platform is ready to make Clean Power a reality.

About MJ Nesgoda

MJ Nesgoda is an Inside Sales Engineer at Zerion. He enjoys working on cars and spending time at the beach. If you have any questions about getting started with Zerion he is here to help!

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