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Ben Ray

By: Ben Ray on December 2nd, 2014

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Tip of the Week: Maximize Zerion Security

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Collecting good data is what we are all about at Zerion Software.

While collecting data, security is a number one concern when it comes to the cloud.  With the Zerionr Platform,  you do not have to worry about data collection's security. Our Military Level security is trusted by government agencies, healthcare, engineering, Non-profits, and many other groups makes us the leader in Mobile Solution Security.  We have found that many groups number one concern in data security is the end user.  But the Zerionr Mobile Platform has many other ways to secure data on the Device, in Transmission, and on the Cloud!


1) iForm ES Application

The iForm ES (Enhanced Security) Application is the first way to secure your data is safe on the device. With a fully encrypted device database, challenge password to access the app, no keystroke logging, and a security timeout, iForm ES will ensure that data stored on the device is secure even if lost or stolen. 


61457.png2) Element Level Encryption

While the local database on the device is encrypted, the data inside is not unless you enable element level encryption. This will allow for each data field on the device to have its own encryption. The data is fully encrypted throughout transmission through SSL and once it hits the Zerionr Server the data is encrypted at rest. Many groups I work with are using Element Level Encryption to achieve HIPPA compliance and secure sensitive pieces of precious data. 


3) User Rights


Users in the system can have a variety of user rights and it is very important to ensure that only users that required Company Admin or Form Building rights have them. You dont want to assign admin rights or form building rights to a user who you do not want administering the account or editing forms. While assigning forms to users, ensure that users are only allowed to collect and view the forms they are supposed to as this can result in users being able to access data they should not.  Keeping on top of user rights is just another way to ensure data is secure. 


46010.png4) Social Engineering

The majority of the time when systems get hacked it is because of some sort of social engineering. For example, someone calls in pretending to be a current employee asking for their login details to the system and they are given the credentials. They then go in and steal all the data out of the system and delete it. This could have been prevented if the person who gave the login credentials didn't fall victim to social engineering. I recommend having a quick training on social engineering and best practices to follow when accessing mission critical data. 

The Zerion Server and App have many security features out of the box but this can be extended with the above Tips to Maximize Security on your Zerionr account and data. *For more information on the Military Grade Security that Zerionr Offers out of the Box Click Here

About Ben Ray

Ben Ray is a Solutions Engineer at Zerion and a Black Belt Form Builder. He is an outdoorsman, sports enthusiast, wanna-be car mechanic and can build forms blindfolded. If you have questions about workflow automation, he would love to hear from you!

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