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Elaheh Eghbal

By: Elaheh Eghbal on February 8th, 2016

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The Benefits of Workflow Automation

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What is more precious than gold but cannot be bought, earned, or saved?


In an 8 hour work day, how much time do you spend on tasks that could be automated, accelerated, or eliminated? Now multiply that over the course of the work week, month, and year. Being aware of how time is spent can be incredibly powerful. Better yet, taking the steps to accelerate and automate your workflows can have drastically positive impacts for your organization.

Workflow automation is like oil in an engine, the better the oil, the faster the engine. What if you could improve accuracy without having to spend hours cleaning data, processing information, and correcting errors in data?

There’s a better way.

Zerion Software’s workflow automation allows you to capture information on a mobile device and view it in your database of choice. The ability to streamline your processes means that data accuracy will greatly improve and time can be spent focusing on other aspects of your project.

On the front-end, your data collection processes are greatly improved using Zerion mobile data collection.

Once data has been synced to the cloud from users devices, automating the next step of the process is a must. Zerion was built for integrations and allows developers and non-developers to connect to other systems.

Tools like Zapier allow the non-developer to set actions that trigger once a certain critera has been met. More in-depth workflow automations and integrations can be configured with the expertise of your developers or the Zerion Software Implementation Team.

One of the newest automation methods Zerion is offering to cusotmers is the SQL Server Data Pipe. Many customers are using SQL databases and wanted to make that process smoother. With the SQL Server Data Pipe, your information goes from form submission to database, eliminating the need for you to download data, format it in a spreadsheet, and re-upload it to your database.

Workflow Automation for Field Technicians

About Elaheh Eghbal

Elaheh Eghbal is the Marketing Manager at Zerion. She is an adventurer, photographer, furniture builder, and wannabe foosball pro. If you have any questions about this post or just want to say hi, she would love to hear from you!

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