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Laura Pyne

By: Laura Pyne on October 15th, 2018

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Smooth Integrations: The Key to Data Value

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Your team runs on data.

Data collected in the field. Data behind various processes required to produce an end product. Data on the population you’re trying to serve. Data that spurs financial decisions and predicted growth. And so many other types.

Without data, you’d probably be making some pretty big decisions based on very little actual evidence. There’d be no way to move forward consistently or to be confident that the choices you’re making are the right ones.

Because it’s so critical, every team – every company – has come up with a different way to gather and work with the data that drives them. Maybe it’s using good old fashioned paper and pencil. Maybe there’s a digital solution available that allows them to gather the data they need.

But… What Happens Next?

That’s all well and good. But, what happens after the data is collected?

Is someone – or a team – responsible for inputting the data that’s been collected into a digital format or into another digital tool? Does someone spend hours working with a spreadsheet that requires copying, pasting, sorting and analyzing before it can be turned into reports that also required multiple manual touch points?

Where is it stored? Who has access to it? Is it safe? What about data that’s duplicated, missing or erroneous?

What happens next?

If the process following initial data collection is fuzzy, it might mean that a key component of making your data work for you is missing: integrations.

Why Integrations?

One tool is generally designed to fulfil a specific need; take data collection for example. A tool that helps you create forms and gather data might be excellent at delivering the raw data that you need. But, it might not be equipped – on its own – to do more.

This is where integrations – or, even better, integrations combined with a fully custom end-to-end mobile solution – start to shine.

Instead of relying on manual touchpoints and efforts to take data from point A to final report, integrations and stronger functions can do the work for you – fully automated when the right behind-the-scenes efforts are made.

Integrations allow multiple tools to work together to do more – while eliminating extra efforts for internal teams. They can compliment existing processes to truly bring data to life, while increasing its value and your ability to use it to make decisions.

Where to Start

Wondering if your tools are up to the task?

Ask your solutions providers about integration options, and what’s possible when integrating existing tools with others. Find out how you can go deeper into your data to drive results. If the integrations you’re looking for aren’t possible, it may be time to check elsewhere.

Want to learn more about the integrations available with iFormBuilder? Check out our integrations page, or, use the chat button below to start a conversation!

We can’t wait to hear from you!

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Laura is a content creator for Zerion who is passionate about telling stories, illustrating challenging concepts, and and bringing topics to life.

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