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Elaheh Eghbal

By: Elaheh Eghbal on April 18th, 2016

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Seymour Whyte Group: Using the API and Increasing Data Accuracy

Compliance and Safety | Workflow Automation | Engineering | Use Cases

In order to fulfill their "fully integrated, fully mobile" vision, Seymour Whyte needed a platform that delivered mobile capabilities and allowed for integrations with existing systems.

Seymour Whyte Group, an Australian-based construction company, sought out to redefine how they work.

Prior to Zerion, safety data was collected either through disparate paper processes or not captured at all. Safety inspections were completed using pen and paper and data insight for onsite inspections was limited. In mid-2014, the team sought to find a platform solution that would support their ‘fully integrated, fully mobile’ vision. The platform needed to augment to their existing mobile development strategy by providing configurable form-based data collection and integration into their existing systems. It also had to be configurable by administrators to ease the bottleneck on the internal development team.

By January 2015, they went live with Zerion. The initial set of forms included inspections, observations, safety conversations, and action management. Over the course of the year, they added forms to include environmental management and plant inspections. The forms used equipment-specific QR codes which allowed for Seymour Whyte to easily identify machinery and plant details.

Since their initial deployment, they have automated a portion of their workflow using the Zerion API. They are using it for their weekly vehicle inspections, environmental forms, and much more. With a 6x increase in data collection and accuracy, the collected information has provided new insights into their safety management processes which ultimately result in a safer workplace.

Watch the clip above or download the slides to learn more about the Seymour Whyte Group workflow, or watch the entire webinar recording to see how four different teams are using the Zerion platform and API. Watch the Full Webinar


About the Presenter

Mark at Seymour Whyte

Mark Shepherd-Smith has spent a significant part of his 20+ year career focused on the effective use of IT in construction. Working with mobile devices has shown promise, but was often difficult to implement in the industry. With the introduction of iPad technology in 2010, Mark founded a company to develop a daily diary app; the solution was eventually adopted and internalised by Seymour Whyte in 2014. Following this, Mark joined Seymour Whyte as an Information Systems Manager to manage the ‘Fully Integrated, Fully Mobile’ vision.


About Elaheh Eghbal

Elaheh Eghbal is the Marketing Manager at Zerion. She is an adventurer, photographer, furniture builder, and wannabe foosball pro. If you have any questions about this post or just want to say hi, she would love to hear from you!

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