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Sze Wong

By: Sze Wong on February 13th, 2015

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Remembering Gaetano Borriello


 Remembering Gaetano Borriello


We recently learned that we have lost a great pioneer and visionary in our industry.

The visionary behind Open Data Kit (ODK), Professor Gaetano Borriello has passed away a few weeks ago. I met Professor Borriello at a World Bank event 2 years ago. At that event, we discussed a lot of the detail design challenges both ODK and iFormBuilder faced. I regret I will no longer have a chance to learn from him.

Professor Borriello and his team helped shape the field of mobile data collection into what it is today. ODK is the backbone of many data collection products and is a key component in the data collection eco-system.

In remembrance of Gaetano’s legacy, the University of Washington has established two funds that accept donations: one supports Open Data Kit research and the other is a student fellowship for improving the lives of the underserved.

Our thoughts are with his friends and family.

- Sze Wong, CEO

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Sze Wong is the CEO at Zerion. He is a developer, a workaholic and, most importantly, a father of two. He would love to hear from you!

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