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Scott Carter

By: Scott Carter on February 12th, 2018

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Regular Inspections: The Key to Increased Equipment Lifespans

Healthcare | Clinical Engineering

There are few things in this world as important - or critical - as equipment inside a hospital. Equipment in a hospital setting saves lives when used as designed. On the converse side, if an unexpected malfunction, or error, occurs, the outcome can be costly (at best), or even deadly (at worst).

As an engineer in the hospital setting, you already know this. You understand that properly operating equipment isn’t just beneficial, it’s absolutely essential. What keeps equipment running smoothly? Generally, regular inspections and service. When either of these falls short, or falls behind, the need for new equipment may arise more quickly than necessary leading to budgetary problems, and patients can suffer.

You Already Know This

You know this. It’s why you spend a solid amount of time inspecting equipment, performing rounds and looking for signs of trouble each and every day. As a clinical engineer, you’re trained to spot a problem - or potential problem - before it leads to devastating consequences. The results of your efforts may be unrecognized publically, but, your facility absolutely depends on what you do regularly.

What if It Could Be More Targeted...More Efficient?

What if there was a way to take the tasks you perform each day - specifically equipment inspections - and enhance the process and results? You’d jump at the opportunity...right?

Good news. Performing more efficient inspections in less time is possible.

It Starts with the Process

How do you perform equipment inspections and calibrations? Do you work with software that doesn’t quite meet your specific needs...that leaves room for customization? What about using a pen and paper, transferring data that’s collected on site to a digital format for manual transcription post collection?

Regardless of the process in place, there’s probably room for improvement.

Using the right mobile data collection software, one that integrates with other solutions, eliminates the need to use a pen and paper at all, operates on any mobile device, with or without a connection, you can make inspections faster and more comprehensive than ever before.

The most important factor? Customization.

Working with a mobile data solutions provider that understands the specific needs of your team, you can customize a solution that doesn’t break the bank, and still allows your field team to collect, analyze and report on critical data without any holdups, repetitive actions or frustrations. When your inspection forms work with you, the potential tangible improvements: from increased equipment lifespans to more concisely calibrated pieces of equipment are countless.

We’re Here to Make it Happen

We understand that no single field team is the same as another. Your needs and requirements are different from those of others in your industry and beyond.

By listening to your current processes and frustrations, we can help create a solution that is customized to enhance your equipment inspection process, along with a plan for implementation that makes sense for your team’s needs.

If you’re ready to increase the value you provide your customers and facilities while saving time and simplifying data collection processes, download our healthcare guide today. Have questions? Let us know. We can’t wait to hear from you!

About Scott Carter

Scott Carter is part of the Customer Success Team here at Zerion Software. He is a gear head that loves to build, tinker, and solve problems. He is always eager to help customers and enjoys a challenge.

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