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Berit Johannessen

By: Berit Johannessen on July 31st, 2015

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[Recap] ESRI UC 2015: "iFormBuilder Just Makes Sense!"

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 Last week, six other Zerion team members and I participated in the ESRI 2015 User Conference in San Diego. 

You may recall that last year I wrote a blog post titled "Where in the World" which was about attending the ESRI UC for the first time. As much excitement as last year brought, this year matched that tenfold! 

At this year's conference, Zerion had the biggest booth we have had thus far. We also had the most team members there. The extra space in our booth was much needed! During the conference, the booth was filled with hustle and bustle as the Zerion team was catching up with current customers and giving demonstrations of the integration between the ESRI and Zerion platforms. We showed that the integration of the platforms allowed for data to flow bidirectionally through ArcGIS Online, ESRI Server and ArcGIS Mobile Apps. 

Favorite Moments from ESRI UC 2015

  1. "It Just Makes Sense" Last year, I felt that much of the time was spent explaining what the Zerion Platform was and why one would want to use it over pen and paper data collection. This year, I felt like every person who came up to the booth, immediately understood why using Zerion for data collection just made sense! It became clear as the event went on that more and more GIS professionals are seeing the value in mobile data collection. Additionally, Elaheh asked some of our current customers why they loved Zerion and an individual from the LocusView team said, "Because it works!" Walking away from the conference, I am glad that people love Zerion because "it just makes sense" and "it just works!"
  2. Opening Ceremony Excitement Even though I attended ESRI UC last year, this was my first time attending the Opening Ceremony. Man, was that an impressive production! Jack Dangermond, ESRI President, did a wonderful job presenting awards, showcasing projects, and generating excitement in a room of over 16,000 individuals. I would have to say, my favorite part of the morning was the demonstrations of the upcoming ESRI products, especially ArcGIS Earth (may look familiar to those of you who have used Google Earth) and the vector map tiles. So many exciting things are coming from ESRI, one can only imagine how much that will assist with Zerion projects!
  3. Zerion Customer Show & Tell Session On Wednesday, we invited all of our current customers at the conference to share the solutions they have built with Zerion and ESRI. With participants just learning about the platform and individuals who were presenting, the turn out was amazing! A big thank you to everyone who shared their story! The audience heard from members from: Three Rivers Park District, Washington State Department of Agriculture, RJN Group, and LocusView. They have achieved so much with their solutions and it was inspiring to see the role that Zerion plays in many mission critical workflows.

Zerion Amazes 

  1. Offline Advanced Data Collection In the GIS world, many projects are still being documented using paper, pencil, and GPS. It was awesome to see users excitement about the ability to capture multiple records and layers of data offline. They loved the capabilities of the Zerion platform with the ability to customize a workflow with the use of JavaScript and functions like our Smart Table Search to pre-populate form fields, option lists, barcode scanning, taking photos and the use of subforms for related table entries, all available offline. A good number of projects require the use of a data collection tool where the map can be accessed offline as well. When that is the case, the ability to store a map locally on the device from and ArcGIS App (like the Collector App) and then launch the iForm App for more dynamic data collection is key!
  2. Deep Integration of ESRI and Zerion The deep integration of the platforms allow for iForm data to automatically update in an ArcGIS Map in real time. Another hit was the ability to start from the ArcGIS app and tap a button to launch a specific form in iForm that has form fields pre-populated based on what was in the ArcGIS app. Not only that, but once the iForm record is submitted, the data point in the ArcGIS map was immediately updated to display the data that was just collected!

Some folks that we spoke with currently do not work with ArcGIS Online and primarily use the ArcGIS Server. They couldn’t believe that Zerion could integrate with the server through the Zerion Toolbox on GitHub. We also offer private installations of Zerion Databases for groups that need it too.

To all of you who attended the conference, it was great seeing you and thank you for taking the time to meet with us! We look forward to seeing you at the 2016 Esri UC.

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Interested in learning more about why Zerion and Esri are Better Together? Join us for the upcoming webinar: Best of Both World: Zerion and Esri Integrations.


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