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Elaheh Eghbal

By: Elaheh Eghbal on June 21st, 2016

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Q&A with Jim Degliumberto, 2016 Trailblazer Award Recipient

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Zerion Trailblazer Award - Jim

At this 2016 Power User Summit, Zerion recognized two people who are trailblazers of the iFormBuilder platform. They adopted the platform in its earliest stages and have made the workflows successful. Jim Degliumberto from Southeastrans redefined the way they work as a medical transportation broker company. Read on to see what makes him a trailblazer.

Tell us a little about yourself and your role at Southeastrans. I have been the Chief Information Officer at Southeastrans since 2009. Around the same time that I started in this position, Apple launched the Apple Store. This event not only had an immediate influence on the way consumers viewed applications and application distribution, but it also influenced my role at Southeastrans and how we could use mobile apps to shape the landscape in which our business takes place. 

As a tech leader and innovator at your company, what are some of the major business challenges you have been tasked with solving? I think the biggest business challenge the Information Technology department at Southeastrans faces is to promote innovation within the industry to ensure that Southeastrans remains a market leader as it relates to innovation and technology. We see mobility as one way to stay in the forefront.  

How has mobility enabled Southeastrans to work more efficiently? As a Medicaid Transportation Broker, Southeastrans has always been a mobile company. The explosion of mobility over the last 7 years has allowed us to streamline our business. We have reduced time and removed paper from our business processes. Electronic data captured on mobile devices has provided accurate insight into our cost drivers and has allowed us to focus more on those items that drive our bottom line.

It is a great honor to be viewed by the community as a trailblazer in mobile workflow. Receiving an award like this validates all the hard work and time the team of developers expended to get us where we are today.

How has mobile workflow technology impacted the day-to-day operations of your business? Mobile workflow has streamlined our business by allowing us to better manage transportation events. We have enabled our contracted provider network to dispatch records to their devices using iFormBuilder APIs and custom web interfaces. This process allows for real-time record assignment without the need to fax around paperwork or make a phone call.

How do you see mobile workflow technology providing greater impact to your industry at large? In the near future, mobile workflows will continue to drive medical transportation services. I see more data interchange opportunities with data and information permeating further downstream to consumers of our services.

Where is Southeastrans on the path to digital transformation? How is mobile facilitating that shift? Southeastrans is in the early stages of digital transformation. In reality, we are maybe a third of the way there. We started with mobile. That was the easy part. Transforming our legacy systems and processes is more costly in both time and money.   

Will a robot someday have your job? I am sure at some point in time a computer or robot will be able to perform some of the tasks I perform. However, some task will always require human intervention.

What do you do in your spare time? Spending most of my time while at work in an office or conference, I like to spend my spare time outside with my family.  

Watch the Presentation from Southeastrans

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