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Caroline Kenwell

By: Caroline Kenwell on February 5th, 2018

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Patient-Centric Drug Development: Identification Process Improvement

Healthcare | Clinical Research

When developing a new drug, treatment or therapy, an accurate, efficient trial and testing process is necessary, not only for the best possible outcomes, but also for compliance with numerous governmental and global regulations and standards.

But, at the core of each and every initiative, something else remains critically important: patient-centric processes and care.

Sharing accurate information, protecting the data of those involved in trials and making the process as straightforward as possible are all important. Before any of them come into play, however, the right identification process must be in place.

Patient Identification: Traditional Challenges

Once a trial is approved, identifying potential participants becomes mission critical. Patients must meet very specific criteria, and any potential disqualifiers must be identified from the start.

If standards and protocols are not kept, or, if a datapoint or piece of information is missed, an entire trial could be negatively affected, paused or called off altogether.

Identifying potential participants is massively important. But, traditional methods of information gathering - like using a pen and paper or standard spreadsheet - often fall short, leaving trials open to negative consequences down the road.

At the same time, processes must be patient-forward and patient-friendly. When a potential study participant feels overwhelmed by the data-gathering process, they’re more likely to decline participation or to drop out during critical stages of the study.

Striking a balance between gathering essential information and making processes as patient-friendly as possible has never been more important.

The Solution? It’s Simple

If you’ve found yourself wondering how to comply with all necessary regulations, perform required tasks and keep the patient identification as simple, straightforward and painless as possible, the answer might not be as complicated as you think. It could be something simple: a mobile data collection solution that integrates with other essential tools to create a full-service, fully-automated end-to-end solution.

What Does That Mean?

Here at Zerion, we believe that data is the foundation upon which targeted efforts and good decisions are built upon. We believe this is especially relevant to companies that must perform clinical research to bring solutions to the market.

As such, we developed our flagship product, iFormBuilder, to simplify the data collection processes. But, we didn’t stop there. We then developed additional solutions to simplify the sorting, analyzing and reporting of data, automating traditionally manual processes and allowing those involved in clinical studies to view results in real time...from patient identification to final product or solution delivery.

Achieving a between compliance and patient-centric trials is more possible than ever. To learn more about this solution in action,check out our Healthcare page, today.

About Caroline Kenwell

Caroline Kenwell is an Account Manager at Zerion. In her spare time, she enjoys attempting the NY Times Crossword, going to see local bands, exploring northern VA & D.C., and sitting around campfires as much as possible.

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