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Ryan Coleman

By: Ryan Coleman on May 7th, 2013

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Part 2: Optimizing Seed Trials with Zerion

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Data collection is a vital part of the business for Tozer Seeds, the United Kingdom’s largest independent vegetable seeds breeder. Their team uses Zerion to collect varying data points for different parts of the business. Data from individual varietal trials that are done in grower’s fields is collected using Zerion and allows the Tozer team to assess performance in comparison to competitors.  Using the software helps the team assess and monitor the growth of the crops that are used to harvest seeds for sales.

Before Zerion, the Tozer team collected data using the traditional paper method and transferring data to a spreadsheet. With this improved workflow, many data points allows the breeding team to easily assess and determine whether to keep or discard varieties.

It is a uniform way to look at data as everyone uses the same form...we can create forms and change individual subforms to fit the ever-changing market. -Kraig Kuykendall, Tozer Seeds

Here are some of the reasons why Tozer Seeds uses Zerion:

  • Standardized Data Collection using smart option list and skip logic
  • Calculations directly on the device
  • Integration with barcode scanners to make data collection faster and more accurate
  • Software integration to help you visualize and analyze data

For Tozer Seeds, the ease of use, standardized data collection, and data points used for market change have been the benefits of using Zerion. When you are looking at trials in the grower’s field, it is incredibly helpful to have this solution to evaluate things in while you are with the grower. With Zerion, Tozer Seeds doesn't have to keep customers waiting while they gather important data.

About Ryan Coleman

Ryan Coleman is the VP of Sales at Zerion and works directly with enterprise deployments around the world. A former resident of San Diego, California, Ryan enjoys sunsets and photographing the coast. If you have any questions about improving your business processes, he would love to hear from you!

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