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Laura Pyne

By: Laura Pyne on November 27th, 2018

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NGO Response: Data in the Driver’s Seat

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This year, we’ve been glued to television coverage of wildfires, devastating hurricanes, earthquakes and other natural disasters both here in the U.S. and around the world. We’ve seen the destruction and some of us have even – perhaps – been closely tied to those affected.

What we often miss, however, is the aid work going on behind the scenes, both during times of crisis and beyond. In some cases, it’s because the news cycle is focused on reporting facts about ongoing situations. In others, however, it’s because finding a way to truly alleviate the suffering of those affected can take time, days, weeks, even months and years in some cases.

Rebuilding is hard. Rebuilding takes time. But, most importantly, rebuilding requires targeted responses from NGOs and non-profits able to mobilize and act.

This often seems just as insurmountable a challenge as the initial effects caused by the crisis or disaster at hand.

What if Instant – or Nearly Instant – Mobilization Was Possible?

Maybe that sounds too good to be true. But, for NGOs who want to provide the greatest amount of targeted aid, to those who need it most, in the shortest possible time, it’s not.

When the right mobile data solution is in place before disaster strikes, mobilizing teams in targeted areas doesn’t have to take weeks.

It starts with eliminating common hurdles. In many cases, NGOs work with specific groups of people, or in specific areas. When certain demographic information is on hand and regularly updated, through routine surveys and other initiatives, creating a “base” becomes possible. From there, faster evaluation of trouble – when it arises – becomes easier with the right tools:

  • Fully customized forms.
  • On and off the grid data collection.
  • Customized, real-time reports.
  • Automated sorting and data analyzation, etc.

When a system like this is in place, power comes from the data itself, not from the multiple, duplicate manual efforts required to gather and make sense of that data.

Instead of making guesses – potentially wasting large amounts of aid, or moving forward without exact information, NGO decision-makers are better equipped to provide the right aid at the right time, all because of data, and the right system backing it up.

But, Don’t Take Our Word For It

Take a look at how international aid and development groups, like yours, have made major advances, while providing critical aid at critical times, using iFormBuilder and the rest of the Zerion suite of solutions, today.

Have questions about whether our platform could be right for you? Want to see it in action? Talk to one of our team members, using the chat button at the bottom of the screen.

We’re passionate about what those who give back are doing, and how they’re driving more powerful responses all based on better data. We’d love to learn more about your specific needs and current setbacks.

Here’s to a better way.

About Laura Pyne

Laura is a content creator for Zerion who is passionate about telling stories, illustrating challenging concepts, and and bringing topics to life.

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