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MJ Nesgoda

By: MJ Nesgoda on February 9th, 2018

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Master Planning: Expanding Services Without Added Equipment

facility management | Healthcare

In healthcare - especially in the hospital setting - costs are critical. Finding a way to minimize spending while maximizing patient care is an ongoing objective.

Many times, when searching for ways to save, salaries, schedules and other staffing expenses are a focal point. Medical supplies, which are essential for even the most basic levels of patient care are an assumed, standard budget line item. Often, these supplies account for 17% of total hospital expenses.

What if - with a little extra master planning and precision - you could expand the services and patient care offerings of your facility without increasing your supply and equipment spending?

You’d jump at the opportunity...right?

Cutting Costs and Expanding Medical Service Offerings IS Possible

It comes down to master planning that focuses on - not only the pieces of equipment - but optimized technology that allows you to make the most of the equipment necessary to perform at an optimal level.

It comes down to mobile data solutions.

As it turns out, mobile data solutions and medical equipment can work together to revolutionize the way hospitals perform and function on a daily basis. We’ve seen it in action.

In medicine, timing is everything. When a piece of medical equipment is needed - especially in an emergency situation - there’s no time to look around for it, to “guess” where it might be or to handle an unnecessary delay. Because of this, many facilities buy additional pieces of equipment - to cut down on delays and to satisfy every medical provider and patient need that could possibly arise.

Sometimes, there’s no way around this. But, sometimes there is.

Better Tracking = Better Access

If a provider didn’t have to search for a piece of equipment, and could locate it as soon as it may be needed, the need to have extra quantities of that specific piece of equipment would lessen. It’s simple math.

When custom mobile data solutions - designed for medical facilities - are in place, providers can track each specific piece of equipment in real time, locate where it may be in your facility and use it, without delay, and without the need for additional purposes to satisfy the demand.

Mobile data solutions - like iFormBuilder and other Zerion products - can be customized to meet this, and other demands, that your team encounters on a regular basis. Strategic, targeted solutions can eliminate frustrations (like locating medical equipment) while increasing the efficiency at which your patients receive top-of-the-line care...without additional equipment purchase costs.

To learn more about what this looks like in action, check out our healthcare resource page, today. We can’t wait to show you how simple mobile solutions could enhance your daily operations.

About MJ Nesgoda

MJ Nesgoda is an Inside Sales Engineer at Zerion. He enjoys working on cars and spending time at the beach. If you have any questions about getting started with Zerion he is here to help!

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