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MJ Nesgoda

By: MJ Nesgoda on May 21st, 2015

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Key Tools to Ensure Food Safety

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One of the most important aspects of the food industry is food safety. If food is not monitored from growth to consumption, illnesses spread and fatalities may occur.

The lack of attention to food safety has closed many restaurants and food manufacturers, big and small. It has also destroyed reputations that can take years to build and years to repair. Food monitoring takes place as it comes through the door, upon going into storage, being prepared, cooked, and served to the customer. Often, these procedures can be very time consuming and inefficient. This usually leads to employees getting lazy and not following through on set procedures. However, who do you hold accountable when something goes wrong? The provider? The kitchen staff? The manager? The bus boy?

When a system isn't designed to hold individuals accountable, the whole company pays a price to correct the mistake. But, what if a mobile device could make the systems more efficient and add accountability to the team? Here are 5 widgets that Zerion offers which will be a great asset in the food service industry.

  • Barcode Scanner

Many food companies use the traditional pen and paper method to check inventory which can lead to miscommunication and improper food storage. With the barcode scanner widget, items can be scanned at every stage and tracked in the database. Gone are the days of chicken scratch on the back of receipts.

  • Time and Date

The time and date widget will give you peace of mind on exactly when a delivery comes in, when it is put into storage, and when it is taken out to be prepared. Uncertainties in food storage can lead to greater waste and sickness.

  • BlueTherm® Probe

Food temperature is the most important aspect of food preparation. If the food is not in a safe temperature range, major problems can occur. The BlueTherm® Probe Bluetooth automatically populates iForm with the temperature and does not need to recalibrate every time like a traditional thermometer. If you have to inspect all the food before it goes into the warmer or you need to walk down the line and inspect many items, this is the tool you want.

  • Signature

When something goes right in a restaurant everyone wants the credit; when something goes wrong you can hear a pin drop. With this widget you are guaranteeing who touched the product, checked in the delivery, prepared that dish, and more. Utilizing the assign-to widget, supervisors can review a form before signing it.

  • Photo 

A picture is worth a thousand words. When looking at your inventory and something does not look right, it helps to take a picture. Having a picture to accompany the form information can help teams explain why an item was thrown out or pulled from being served. FaceTime is another great way to solve problems in an efficient manner. An image or video can also help the food provider improve their process for growing the produce.

Zerion has mastered integrating these into forms that will display real time data. When problems arise, the first thing that is checked is your inspection records and procedures. Having proper documentation can be a great asset if problems occur. Why wouldn’t you want to have peace of mind at all points in the food cycle? Knowledge is gathered and good data can change your world.


About MJ Nesgoda

MJ Nesgoda is an Inside Sales Engineer at Zerion. He enjoys working on cars and spending time at the beach. If you have any questions about getting started with Zerion he is here to help!

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