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Tony Ruth

By: Tony Ruth on September 16th, 2015

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iOS 9: We're On It. Are You?

We're looking for Beta Testers before the latest version of iForm is available and compatible on iOS 9!

Interested in being a Beta Tester? Contact Tony Ruth at truth@zerionsoftware.com

Able to upgrade to iOS 9? 

  • Please make sure you are running the most current version of iForm (8.2.0)!
  • Keep an eye out for the latest update, iForm 8.5.0, in the coming weeks.
  • IMPORTANT until iForm 8.5 is released If you rely on Localizations of forms, please sync your device to get all changes on the server. The region must be set to "United States" which is different than the language setting. If your region is not set to "US" then the localizations won't show on devices running iOS 9.

Unable to upgrade to iOS 9?

  • If iForm is on your device or was previously purchased with your iTunes account, you will have access to the latest compatible version of iForm.
  • The iForm White Label provides account administrators with an iForm client that is compatible with older versions of iOS.

Ready to be a Beta Tester? Contact Tony Ruth at truth@zerionsoftware.com.



About Tony Ruth

Tony Ruth leads the product development team at Zerion, enjoys being challenged, and has a natural curiosity that constantly leads him in new directions. Email: truth@zerionsoftware.com.

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