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Laura Pyne

By: Laura Pyne on December 20th, 2018

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Internal Leadership and Implementation


The word is likely to bring a few negative emotions and thoughts to the forefront for many of your team members, from accounting, through IT professionals. Anyone who has dealt with an implementation of any software – from a CRM system or ERP system and beyond, has likely hit a few bumps in the road.

It Doesn’t Have to Be That Way

Here’s the thing. We believe that when there are constant, familiar frustrations surrounding a process, that there’s probably a better way. When it comes to implementations – it may be easier than you think.

It starts with internal leadership. Without decision-makers, there’d be no moving forward with a new mobile data solution, because there’d be no reason to. Leaders help drive decisions, help look for better solutions, and help in deciding how to move forward.

But, that doesn’t mean that an implementation is dependent upon a strong or large internal team.

How Can One Leader Drive an Implementation

On his or her own, a single leader can’t drive a new solution forward. BUT, when that leader teams up with a full-service solutions provider – one that understands the needs of the company, one that can provide training, education, troubleshooting and more – that’s where the magic happens.

Unfortunately, many solutions – especially mobile data solutions – fail to offer this kind of support. They require a strong internal team to drive results.

When a full-service offering is available, however, everything changes.

Suddenly, solutions can be customized to meet your team’s needs from the start. Instead of relying on a strong development team, your internal leader can serve as a liaison, sharing team insights and needs with the solutions provider, instead of taking on the implementation alone.

It Becomes a Team Effort

When your team is comprised of solution provider experts, focused on your needs at all time and able to jump in to handle gaps that might exist, working with your internal team, instead of adding more to their workload, everyone wins.

If you’re looking for a better way to work with data – one that takes raw data collected in the field to the next level – from automated sorting and analyzing, to reporting and more, a full-service solution may make all the difference, from implementation to beyond.

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About Laura Pyne

Laura is a content creator for Zerion who is passionate about telling stories, illustrating challenging concepts, and and bringing topics to life.

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