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Elaheh Eghbal

By: Elaheh Eghbal on April 28th, 2015

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Transforming Agricultural Development with Technology

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Earlier this year, the Gates Foundation published their annual letter. One of their four points focused on the importance of innovation and technology in farming. In sub-Saharan Africa, most of the food lacks proper nutrition for a balanced diet.

According to the letter, in the next 15 years, the face of agriculture and farming will drastically change - the brutal ironies will be gone and technological innovation will greatly impact how farmers achieve their goals.

Although farmers used to receive information at a much slower rate, if at all, mobile phones will now allow farmers to receive information like weather reports and current market prices  much faster...via text message. If information can be sent to farmers via text message, they can also send information to partner organizations or other agencies. That is where a robust data collection platform is essential.

Agricultural extension, the process by which farmers get information — what seeds to plant, how to rotate crops to protect their soil, how to get the best prices at market — is complicated and expensive. Traditionally, it requires highly trained agricultural experts who know the local language and local crops in every region of vast countries.

The flexibility and scalability of the Zerion platform allow field teams to collect data in ultra-offline environments and sync data to the cloud once a connection is available. Many agriculture teams need to track a seed’s life cycle or take pictures at different stages of development.

Robust metadata gathers information such as time and date, latitude, longitude, and altitude in the background of the device so that the farmers won't need to! Not only does this make the farmers job easier but it is incredibly beneficial during the data analysis phase. Robust metadata, gathers information such as time and date, latitude, longitude, and altitude and is incredibly beneficial during data analysis. With the option to integrate hardware devices with the Zerion platform you can gather additional important information such as temperature and humidity and have the data all stored in one place! The possibilities are endless.

Replacing dirt covered rusty clipboards with mobile devices not only saves time and money, but, more importantly, ensures data integrity and allows more data to be collected than ever before! Mobile data collection means that farms will have a better and deeper understanding of the factors that are contributing to their harvest, factors such as soil, water, and time of year. Reimagine field projects with Zerion as a solution for agriculture development.

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