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Berit Johannessen

By: Berit Johannessen on January 16th, 2015

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Zerion Advancements in 2015

Data Management | Workflow Automation

Have you heard?  Yesterday, Tony Ruth, Director of Product Development spilled the beans on Zerion product advancements of 2015! 

If you missed the session, don't worry I have recapped what I think are the top 5 most exciting advancements coming in 2015.  I also strongly recommend listening to the recording and viewing the slide deck from that session.


Integration with the Node+ Platform

The NODE+ Platform can easily be integrated with the Zerion Platform.  "The NODE+ platform tracks motion with a gyroscope, accelerometer, and magnetometer, and allows for a variety sensors to bring in many different types of data ."  Now you can easily capture the measurements with the Node and have the data placed in the iForm App.  Did I mention the best part?  The team has already completed this and you can start using it soon.  Pretty groovy if you ask me!

Custom Views/Feeds

Ever wish you could identify what pieces of data your users see? Coming soon, you can customize multiple views and feeds for each of your users.  What ever custom settings you put on the data will stay that way until you need to change it!  You could have a different view for each of your users.

Update to APIs

If you haven't noticed, the Zerion APIs can now be used at any level account.  This year, the development team will be redesigning the server APIs as well as creating new client APIs. 2015 is a great time to start automating your workflow!

Fuzzy Search on Option Lists

You asked for it! The Fuzzy Search request was blowing up our Vote for Features Community Forum and got so much attention that it was  added to the To-Do list for 2015.  Once the release is out, you will be able find your desired option within a long list at lighting speed.

Drum role please............NEW FORM BUILDER!

Can you believe it?  In 2015 our team is working hard to release a new Form Builder!  But don't start fretting, the functionality will stay the same, it will start with just a basic face lift.

mind blown
Remember, this is just the top 5 advancements that I am excited about.  To see the rest, and to see what is coming in Q1 and Q2 be sure to listen to the RECORDING.


  • Tony and I will revisit this list in June, 2015.  Keep your eyes out for the invite in June.
  • Zerion Software's CEO, Sze Wong will presenting on Zerion's Next Chapter in February. 
  • Visit the Zerion Academy to see other upcoming training sessions and past recordings. 

About Berit Johannessen

Berit Johannessen is a Solutions Engineer at Zerion. Her main goal is to train individuals and organizations on how to deploy successful projects.

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