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Max Joy

By: Max Joy on June 9th, 2016

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GammaWorks Redefines Workflows for Teams in Australia

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As well-versed iForm users, GammaWorks is putting the platform to use in a brand new way.

As the former general manager for the Mobile Business Technologies unit at BSA, Max Joy understood the importance of using technology to improve business processes in the most cost-effective, risk-free way possible.  

Now, Joy has taken the iForm platform through Australia as business technology partners with his new business, GammaWorks. The Australian Capital Territory (ACT) Property Group’s mobility initiative, based in Canberra, manages the Territory’s owned commercial buildings and properties which become surplus to agencies’ service delivery needs. GammaWorks was approached by The ACT Property Group to help them shift the way they work.

Prior to using iFormBuilder, work was handwritten by over 50 technicians and had to be manually reviewed for approval. Information had to be rekeyed into the enterprise PTY system before being submitted to another department for invoice processing and archiving.

GammaWorks’ tasks involved streamlining the work-order process from end to end, reduce paperwork errors and loss, and provide a platform for consistent and reliable reporting.

The existing documentation format was broken down into categories; critical, preferable, optional. Then each field was in each category was reviewed to determine if it could be pre-populated or set to a default setting to save time. Following that, each field was also reviewed to establish if it added value to the technician's process or not.

GammaWorks then converted the existing ACT Property Group's Work Order into a fillable PDF, hosted online, with the destination set as an endpoint in iFormBuilder.

Once a work order is issued, GammaWorks mailparser breaks down the work order and triggers an action in Zapier which created a record in GammaWorks’ iFormBuilder environment. From there, the record is assigned to the ACT Property group user that matches the technician assigned in the initial work order. After the technician completes the work and submits the record, the received record is assigned to the ACT Property Group Business Manager user. They review the record, approve the data, and submit the approved record which is filed as a PDF of the work order into their Dropbox account.    

This new method has drastically improved the workflow for the ACT Property Group. Time to notify technicians and complete work orders has drastically decreased and back-of-house requirements have all but been removed.. Reporting, productivity, and record management have improved, and the ability to customize the field application is one of the biggest benefits.  With the diversity in age, education levels, and type of work, the ACT Property Group teams are able to develop, deploy, and manage their data with ease.

The ACT Property Group is now beginning the evaluation for full integration of the GammaWorks iFormBuilder environment into their enterprise systems.

If you’d like to know more about GammaWorks innovative approach, contact Max Joy at max_joy@gammaworks.net.

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About Max Joy

Max Joy is the General Manager of the Mobile Business Technologies division at BSA, an Australian-based company.