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Laura Pyne

By: Laura Pyne on April 3rd, 2019

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Full Service: More Than Form Building

The Zerion Way

Over the past decade, our team has realized something: the way we do things... well, it's sometimes different than what customers have come to expect.

Yes. We offer form building solutions. Yes. Those solutions offer end-to-end, robust capabilities that allow companies to revolutionize the way they work with data, saving time, cutting costs and eliminating common business hurdles.

But, where the real difference begins, is when a customer begins a new journey with us. Instead of implementing a solution, building a few forms, charging an implementation fee and moving on; our process is different.

We have built our business around working WITH customers, first by starting a relationship that is filled with learning and resource gathering, then by implementing products and workflows that replace current processes and lead to tangible, up front benefits, then by going deeper and further, improving processes that seemed impossible to improve, creating entirely new solutions and allowing data to serve as a true driver of innovation, allowing our customers to stand out in their fields, to drive valuable insights from the information they collect and moving forward in ways that seemed impossible before.

We do this by constantly asking "what if," and encouraging our clients to do the same. That's where the real difference begins.

Where Full Service Comes Into Play

This is obviously different from the status quo; and perhaps different from what our potential customers see elsewhere as they research the best mobile data solution for their teams' needs. 

We get a lot of questions like:

- Why do I need full service?
- Can't I build my own forms?
- What if I don't need your support?

And more.

The answers, we've found, are simple:

- Yes, you can build your own forms.
- Yes, your heavy lifting might start at the beginning; but, that doesn't mean the need for full service goes away.
- We don't want you to "need" our support, we want to help you go the distance; today and many years down the road.

It works because full service doesn't look the same to every team.

One team might be just fine building an changing forms, while others may lack an internal IT team up to the task. For them, full service might mean regularly building and updating forms.

One team may need to adjust workflows constantly. One team may need ongoing account support. One may need a project manager on various tasks. One team may want to regularly challenge what is, while driving for "what could be."

The beauty in full service is that our team can adjust and jump in to meet these needs, serving as a 6th man, keeping processes moving smoothly and helping as needed, without hourly billing costs and other frustrating additions that were hidden below the initial proposal.

We love full service because, in addition to meeting the individual needs of every customer, we're able to serve. We're able to help, to learn about what matters most and to become vested in the success of every single customer who works with our solutions and with our team. Instead of focusing on hours and numbers, we can focus on success stories: just like yours.

It might sound hard to believe, or even hard to comprehend, but, we'd like to challenge you to challenge us. Put our team to the test. Learn what full service could mean for your team and take the leap. We're here to back you up as you go.

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About Laura Pyne

Laura is a content creator for Zerion who is passionate about telling stories, illustrating challenging concepts, and and bringing topics to life.

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