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Connor Henwood

By: Connor Henwood on March 24th, 2016

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An Engineer's Essentials for Project Success

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Best of Both Worlds: iFormBuilder and Esri Integrations Webinar

Engineers spend a lot of time collecting and managing data. Here are some tips and best practices every engineer needs to know to increase their productivity and create an end-to-end solution.

As a team, we are always amazed by how much money companies and organizations are able to save by using Zerion Software products. As someone who used to be on the other side of Zerion, Connor Henwood knows what it's like to be in the field, working on projects, and dealing with lots of data. In this session, Connor shared his toolkit for engineers. Here are some of the tools Connor recommends. To see all of the best practices, tune into the webinar recording!

Dedicated Database

 big data for your business

Imagine a hotel. If you are a small group of two or three people, one room will be suitable. However, let's say you have a group of 20, 50, or 100+...one room will not be suitable. When you sign up for an Zerion free account, you have access to one "room" in the Zerion database. The Zerion Dedicated Database gives teams an entire private "floor" in the database. This allows project managers to segment data based on regional offices, project types, or any other factor. Setting separate profiles for different projects builds a strong foundation for the entire project so, as soon as there are multiple groups collecting data or data being collected in many locations, a Dedicated Database is the way to go.

Suite of Products

Gnosiz and iFormBuilder

The Zerion suite of products alleviates the struggle of having to constantly upload, download, and format data. Zerion's foundation of flexible form building, maximum security, and online/offline capabilities puts the platform in a league of its own. Gnosiz and the SQL Server Data Pipe enable teams to work in a new way. With Gnosiz, you can take multiple data sources and store them in a secure environment. From there, filter, aggregate, and manipulate data to create custom outputs. For teams using a SQL Server, the Zerion SQL Server Data Pipe can take data from the Zerion database, run it through the pipe, and puts it directly into your SQL Server environment, already formatted and ready to use.

Training and Professional Services

There is so much value in having your team members go through training, especially if they will be using the platform on a regular basis. If you have already gone through the KickStart, team members can go through the Zerion certification online or on-site. Within Training, there is a program type for every level of Zerion users so you can make the most of the platform.

The Zerion Professional Services team brings projects to life! Whether you need project enhancements or need staff augmentation for large deployments, this team is ready to make your enterprise deployments successful. Work together to jumpstart your project, explore ways to integrate the platform in new projects, or support your growing deployment. To learn about the other best practices, tune into the recording!

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About Connor Henwood

Connor Henwood is an Account Manager at Zerion. He is from the great state of Texas! Connor enjoys all outdoor activities, especially hunting and golf. Most importantly he enjoys helping people, so if you have any questions about getting started with Zerion, he is here to help!

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