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Berit Johannessen

By: Berit Johannessen on March 7th, 2016

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Customer Showcase: Using the Zerion APIs

Data Management | Business Insight | Project Monitoring

No two projects are alike, customers constantly find new ways to take their projects to new heights and incorporate iForm in new ways across their business. Many customers find the biggest benefit by using the platform to it's fullest potential, including the Zerion API. During one of our recent webinars, customers shared their projects and how they are using the Zerion API. The Zerion API allows developers to create custom solutions. These solutions enhance the users everyday life by automating much of the tasks. Developers have made their custom solutions problem free by pushing Zerion data to another web service, automating the creation of new users or forms, pre-populating form fields, automating form assignments, the options are endless! Read on to see how these teams are using the API.

Richfords Fire and Flood  |  Restoration  |  England

After noticing that the IT systems struggled to keep up with the data, the Richfords team set out to find a new system. This also was an opportunity to get away from the existing system that wasn't evolving, reduce costs, and decrease their paper consumption. During the beginning stages of implementing Zerion throughout their projects, Richfords developed the forms in-house. Now, they have created a data flow using the API. This allows them to send information into the database with a static list of departments and categories. Next up, rapidly integrating forms and creating lookup tables and a form request service system.

Seymour Whyte Group  |  Utilities Infrastructure  |  Australia

With a company-wide vision to be "fully integrated, fully mobile," it made perfect sense for Seymour Whyte Group to shift to collecting data with Zerion. Although they had strong iOS development capabilities, they needed a platform that was mobile and supported integrations. The subform capability allowed users to select parts of the form that were relevant to the user. Using the API, they set a workflow so when a new user is created in the safety database, the same user was also created in Zerion, resulting in a seamless authentication process. The API is also being used to look up data, confirm validity, and identify dependencies between people and projects.

JACOBS and Stronger Christchurch Infrastructure Rebuild Team  |  Restoration  |  New Zealand

After the 2011 earthquake that destroyed part of Christchurch, New Zealand, Jacobs knew they had a long road ahead of them. Information needed to be recorded during the rebuilding process and it needed to be done in an easy and streamlined way. Discovering the iForm was a good solution for the team, they created their portal which included 61 forms and 1,200 elements -- something that couldn't be done manually. The physical location that is captured goes directly into their GIS system and they use the API in conjunction with FME Safe Software to send iForm data into their backend. This workflow makes recording attributes much easier for the field team and has improved data as they work towards rebuilding Christchurch.

Tetra Tech  |  Engineering  |  United States

This division of Tetra Tech works with the United States Environmental Protection Agency on hazardous substance removal actions, natural disaster and emergency responses, training, and more. Most recently, the Tetra Tech team is supporting Region 7 with the flooding that occurred in Missouri and Region 5 with the water contamination in Flint, Michigan.  With the API, they push collected data into their dashboard which provides regional managers, operational managers, and headquarters with real-time data that's being collected. In Missouri, one team discovers an identifies orphaned containers. Once they have identified it and completed a form on their mobile device, another field member goes to the location to collect information on the container and take a photo. That information is submitted to SQL Server and updates their web mapping apps. Using Esri Collector, they can locate the plot on a map, click on the location, and go into iForm to complete the sampling form.

All of these projects have been improved by using Zerion and available tools, like the API. Watch the recording to learn more about these projects! Take Me to the Recording

About Berit Johannessen

Berit Johannessen is a Solutions Engineer at Zerion. Her main goal is to train individuals and organizations on how to deploy successful projects.

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