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Jack Schwartz

By: Jack Schwartz on August 14th, 2017

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Utilities, Perform these 3 Utility Inspections Faster with Zerion

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By changing the way you handle the following inspections, you could save time while increasing your potential for growth.

Truck Inspection

There could be ten different paper forms to keep track of just for Truck Inspections at a utility company, the importance of each cannot be understated.

 Maintaining company vehicles is a very important responsibility for each field employee.  From formal inspections to the quick daily inspections that are done before the start of each day, the process cannot be avoided.

By using Zerion Software, the inspection process can be accelerated using a mobile device equipped with the right platforms and datapoints, enabling a faster completion time.  Also, without printing out a form every time a new vehicle is used, the truck information can be uploaded directly into the app to be stored for reference at a later time.

Another way Zerion speeds up the Truck Inspection process is by auto-populating fields based on lookup information.  For example, each inspection should display the vehicle’s mileage, VIN number, vehicle number as well as make and model.  By uploading that information into Zerion’s formbuilder, each truck will have assigned information that will automatically populate each field when selected.  Many utility companies enjoy this feature because it reduces manual entry and cuts the inspection time in half, saving time for what really matters.

Substation Inspections

Every utility company is responsible for inspecting several substations in a given region, generally on a monthly basis. These substations consist of very valuable, expensive equipment that supply power to the hundreds of miles of line around each state.

Transformers, Fences, Structures, Fuses, Wires, Capacitors, and Breakers are just a few of the many line items that need to be carefully inspected and reported on regularly.  While this equipment is inspected and maintained often, many co-ops also have Vegetation Management programs in order to keep track of grass, plants, and trees growing in and around the substation.  This is an entirely different inspection that is done at the same site, adding to the complexity of the overall process.

In order to perform substation inspections quicker, many companies use Zerion Software to enhance the field workflow experience and drive efficiency.  By eliminating paper forms, engineers and inspectors can cut down on manual data entry, collect important data and automate the back office processing all at once.  

For example, users have the ability to validate the fact that inspection data meets the requirements of the co-op, auto populate fields based on location, and take photos of hazards all on their personal mobile device.  

By removing some of the complexity and confusion associated with these necessary and critical inspections, the process can improve greatly.

Pole Inspection

With the thousands of miles of power lines stretched throughout the country, utility companies have to stay on top of their wooden and metal pole inspections to ensure all maintenance is accounted for.  

Many cooperatives use GIS and smart grid technology to navigate the power line landscape.  When collecting data in the field, there are two kinds of practices - starting with a map, or ending with a map to see data.  With Zerion, we enable people to capture location data on the mobile device during an inspection, simplifying the process.  This location information includes metadata which consists of a time and date stamp, user information, latitude, longitude, altitude, speed and compass direction.  

You can even go a step further and take pictures of infractions, add notes, and configure condition values in the forms to significantly shorten the length of the form based on selections.

Inspections are critical for electric and utility companies. If you're ready to alliviate common frustrations while increasing efficiency, contact us to Learn More Now.

About Jack Schwartz

Jack Schwartz is a Sales Engineer at Zerion. He enjoys everything from playing golf, to talking about cars, to listening to great music. If you have any questions about transforming the way you collect data, he’d love to hear from you.

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