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Laura Pyne

By: Laura Pyne on August 7th, 2017

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Are Your Forms All They Could Be?

Reporting | Residential Inspections

How does your business work with data in the early stages – during the collection process?

Do you send field teams out with blank pieces of paper for notetaking? Or, is your process more advanced…do you have pre-set forms that your field team members can fill in based on their findings? Have you gone all the way by working with a digital form, maybe something that you found online that promised to be the perfect solution for your industry or field of interest?

Obviously, each of the above tactics has its own benefits and challenges.

In many cases, we’ve found that businesses that collect data fall somewhere on the spectrum between “blank pieces of paper” and “digital forms that ‘sort of’ work.” It’s rare to find a business that has a fully customized data collection solution that meets the needs of field teams, back office staff and management.

So, we set out to change it. We think that data is too important to make a misstep during the beginning of the collection process. That’s why – if you haven’t heard of it yet – the time for you to become familiar with Zerion's iFormBuilder is now.

Why Make a Change?

Before sharing what makes iFormBuilder so different, let’s take a look at why the other methods listed above just don’t make the cut.

  • Lost Data. Regardless of how careful your field collectors are with data, sometimes it just gets lost. This is especially true of information that’s collected on paper. What if there’s a spill? An accident? A simple shuffling of papers from a dropped folder? There’s too much at stake to make the risk.
  • Errors can happen in a variety of processes – the data entry process doesn’t have to be one of them. In fact, it doesn’t need to be a part of the process at all. Instead of relying on a second party to transfer information from a piece of paper into a digital format, information can be entered into an electronic format from the start.
  • We all have to complete tasks we aren’t fond of. But, when frustration can be eliminated or alleviated, it should be. If your team members are frustrated with the data collection process, it might be time for a change.
  • Wasted time. Time is money – this is a basic business truth. Dated data collection methods take more time than they need to. Why pay for time that could be better spent elsewhere?

Starting to see the need for change? Great! Read on.

Data Collection: The Right Solution for an All-Too-Common Problem

Whether you’re working with a pen and paper for data collection or working with a digital solution that just doesn’t quite cut it, you’re likely encountering frustrating solutions that could be overcome on a regular basis.

What makes iFormBuilder different? A few features include:

  • Simple building – even for complex forms. If you’re working with a solution that promises to meet your needs…but doesn’t allow you to make the changes necessary to achieve that goal, something is missing. iFormBuilder allows users to create complex forms with ease.
  • Training and support. Instituting a new solution doesn’t have to be overly challenging. When the right training and support are a part of the process, it can be pain free and seamless.
  • Secure database options. If your data isn’t secure, your entire business is at risk. With a jail-break-safe native client and encryption options, iFormBuilder is appropriate for the most sensitive information.
  • Instead of taking the time to enter location, time and date information, iFormBuilder automatically collects the information with each submission.
  • Options on or off the grid. If your field team works in conditions that aren’t always conducive to a wi-fi connection, that’s okay. Information collected on mobile devices using iFormBuilder can be saved, then uploaded later when a connection becomes available.

The features listed above are just a few ways iFormBuilder is different.

If you’re ready to change the way your business works with data while increasing your potential to do more after the collection process is complete, it might be time to look into something new. Ready to see the difference? Get started today.

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