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MJ Nesgoda

By: MJ Nesgoda on September 22nd, 2015

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An Inspection Tool for Your Room Inspections

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iFormBuilder for room inspections

Guest satisfaction is the most important part of running a hotel. Happier guests increase sales, without sales you have no business.

One of the most important satisfaction factors comes with the room’s cleanliness and comfort. If a guest walks into an unclean room or one that was not properly inspected, their entire experience can turn sour. No matter how well your front desk agent did or how helpful your bellhop was, a room’s cleanliness is a major part of the experience. In order to avoid this, good systems need to be in place. This starts with a good cleaning of the room and a proper inspection to make sure it was done up to hotel standards.

With Zerion, filling out smart forms can trigger notifications that are sent to specific individuals via email alerts or dispatching. The correct person will be notified and then once they solve the issue they can submit the form. The platform uses page level and element level javascript. These allow the forms to be very smart and adaptive. We also use what are called subforms. They allow you to establish a parent-child relationship between two forms. So your parent forms could be housekeeping inspection with a subform nested inside for floor, department, room number, etc.

Drawing Widget

Enhance annotation capabilities by taking a photo (or two) of the area in question and then highlighting the concern by drawing directly on the image. Learn more about Drawing and Annotations.

Signature Widget

Now, every person can take responsibility for their work. Once a form is completed, the user can sign off on the document before it is submitted. Alternatively, a supervisor can sign off on the submitted forms. Learn more about Signatures.

Barcode Scanning

Scanning barcodes is a must-have for any inspection. It is one of the most efficient ways to collect data in a timely and cost-effective manner and keep information in a central location. Learn more about barcode scanning in Zerion.

Searchable Option List

The Searchable Option List opens many doors for new projects and new use cases. The feature allows you to search through an option list or the Assign-to widget which is similar to searching through a contact list in your phone. 

If an Android or iOS device could drastically improve your customer service, why wouldn't you use it? The Zerion platform is meant to enhance workflows and make the user more efficient in what they do. Data is knowledge and good data can change your, and your customers', world.


About MJ Nesgoda

MJ Nesgoda is an Inside Sales Engineer at Zerion. He enjoys working on cars and spending time at the beach. If you have any questions about getting started with Zerion he is here to help!

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