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MJ Nesgoda

By: MJ Nesgoda on June 10th, 2016

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America's $55 Billion Food Safety Problem

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Food-borne pathogens sicken 48 million Americans every year.


Chipotle burrito’s, your frozen veggies from your local Costco and Trader Joes, and your Starbucks breakfast sandwich, all found to contain the deadly Listeria bacteria.

  1. E. coli, salmonella, and several other viruses make their way into the food we consume every day.  Most infections go unnoticed for the majority of people, the human body fighting the infection internally without us realizing we’ve contracted the infection.

For those Americans that do suffer from the effects of the infection and the companies that deliver our food, the cost is hitting us square in the wallet. A 2015 study by Robert Scharff, an associate professor at Ohio State University, estimates the annual cost of medical treatment, lost productivity, and illness-related mortality at $55.5 billion.

Food-borne illness is a giant, expensive problem for any company responsible for getting food from farm to table. In mid-September, the FDA released the first set of major rules it was instructed to create by the Food Safety Modernization Act, passed in 2011. Regulators and companies are shifting their focus to prevention.  Companies must take a more proactive approach to food safety. Prevention begins with monitoring and control.  

Zerion is dedicated to perfecting food safety compliance from farm to table. Using iFormBuilder on mobile devices, food safety compliance is faster, less expensive, and more efficient than ever. From there, data can be manipulated and parsed using Zerion's advanced workflows before it is ready for reports. Manage the entire supply chain from the palm of your hand. 
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Credit:  http://fortune.com/food-contamination/

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