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Data Management Digest

Data collection and management best practices for field service teams.

Orange County Mosquito and Vector Control District Receives Distinguished Project Award

Protecting Your Brand: See Something Say Something

Enterprise Data Solution Shopping with Confidence

Guide: Enterprise Data Solution Shopping with Confidence.

Learn what sets one solution apart from another, and the questions you should be asking to make the right decision.

Digital Transformation: SAMR Model and ROI

Accountability Means Better Data: Here’s Why

Full Service: More Than Form Building

Root Capital Receives Distinguished Project Award

Washington State Department of Agriculture Receives Distinguished Project Award

Imagine a Better Way

Zerion’s 2019 Roadmap: Where Are We Going?

AIHA Receives Distinguished Project Award for Work in Zambia

Don't Shop Blind

Sandbox: Test Without Consequences

Not All Benefits are Black and White

5 Advantages of White Labeling Your Mobile Data Solution

Reflecting to Grow

Internal Leadership and Implementation

Security in the News: Proactive Steps to Take Today

NGO Response: Data in the Driver’s Seat

A Time for Thanks

NEWS: Reducing Foodborne Illness Just Got Easier

Start Small: Dream Big

For Engineering Teams, Data Collection is Just the Beginning

Data Transparency Means...

The New Era of Data Privacy – International Regulations and Standards

Moving Toward the Upper 90

Feature Alert: New Web Map View now Available in iFormBuilder

Smooth Integrations: The Key to Data Value

When Flexibility Drives Functionality: A Story

NEWS: iFormBuilder Integrates with SQL Server

5 Signs of an Enterprise-Ready Team

Field Team Data Collection

More than Data Collection: Accelerated Decision Making

The Importance of Best Practices

The Unexpected Benefits of Better Data Collection

Implementation Support: Why?

The Right Solutions Start with the Right Questions

The Lost Art of Problem Solving

Efficiency and Safety: The Missing Link

Data Consent: The Humanitarian “Gray” Area

Agriculture Professionals: Focus on Your Passion

NEWS: Zerion Included on Inc. 5000 List for Fifth Consecutive Year!

NEWS: iFormBuilder Integrates with Salesforce

Location-Based Dispatching Improves Engineering Operations

GDPR: A Few Things to Keep in Mind

NEWS: iForm ES for Android Now Available!

Giants are Falling: Transparency is Critical

Tracking with Predicted Growth: Expanding Capabilities but not Payrolls

Mapping Improves Efficiency for Smart Water Professionals

Healthcare IT Teams and Zerion: A Perfect Partnership

Going Beyond a Single Solution

It’s Time to Rethink Your Paper Usage

Compliance and Efficiency: The Perfect Partnership

Decreasing Power Outages, One Inspection at a Time

Mid-Year Data Check In

Flexible Data Solutions for Healthcare

Minimizing Field Team Costs: Maximizing Aid Potential

Evolving Needs Require Flexible Support

Automation in Engineering Practices

Targeted Research Starts with Customization

Working Together: Bringing Strengths to the Surface

Happy Independence Day!

Standardization Improves Safety

Testing without Frustration: Sandbox

Integrative Data Technology for Farming

Form Features that Matter

Zerion: What to Expect

6 Things to Consider When Choosing a Mobile Form Solution

Food Service Meets Future Technology

Bringing Products to Market: Cutting Inefficiencies

Security at Rest: It Matters

Preventing Outages with Mobile Data Solutions

Questions Worth Asking

Privacy Shield Certification

Temperature Tracking: The Danger of Inaccuracies

Cutting Inspection Costs

Improving Inspections, Improving Compliance

Security and Integrity: Separate but Together

Better Patient Care: One Form at a Time

Eliminating Variables - Increasing Controls

Decreasing Accidents, One Checklist at a Time

Time for Some Spring Cleaning

iFormBuilder Announces Compliance with GDPR

Preventing In-House Infections: Sanitation 101

What is “Better” Data?

Behind the Scenes Work is the Secret to Success

Data Collection’s Snowball Effect

Food Service: Keeping Up With The Demand

Collaboration Changes Everything

Smooth Operations: Logical, Targeted IT Support

Enhanced Patient Communication Leads to Increased Satisfaction

Efficient Inspections: 5 Steps for Success

Agriculture Sensors: The Need for Integration

Biofiltration System Inspections: Simplifying the Complicated

Why Paperless Processes are More Important Than Ever

Construction Checklists: Getting the Workday Moving

Reducing Foodborne Illness: Efficient Monitoring and Inspections

Earth Day: A Day of Action

Standardization through Familiarity: Effective Forms Across the Globe

Who’s Behind YOUR Mobile Data Solution?

Proactive Safety Inspections: Preventing Trouble Before it Arises

Improved Records, Decreased Patient Costs

Proactive Designs: Planning for Success

Permit Applications: Standardized Methods and Data Integrity Matter

Mapping and More: Better Inspections Start with Better Metadata

The Role of Real-Time Reporting in the Food Service Industry

Cutting Job Times Without Cutting Corners

The Support Your Utility Team Deserves

Integration: Bringing Field-Level Insights to Your Growing Strategies

Data Integrity and Civil Engineering

Spring Cleaning: Clearing Out Unnecessary Risk

At-Home Monitoring: Patient/Caregiver Collaboration

Aging Infrastructure Inspections

Work Orders that Work

Field Inspections: Increasing Mobile Solution Capabilities

The True Meaning of “Flexibility”

GDPR Update:

Development Assistance: Building on a Solid Foundation

6 Drawbacks to Traditional Hospital Inspection Methods

OSHA Compliance: Standardization Matters

Improving Patient Outcomes One Checklist at a Time

Proactive Vs. Reactive: Security Solutions in Focus

Trial Standardization: The Critical Role of Robust Forms

The Problem With Traditional Inspection Methods

Cutting Costs by Eliminating Process Duplication

A Culture of Cooperation

Hospital Inspections and Audits: Compliance in a Snap

For Agriculture Professionals: Details Matter

Efficient Inspections in the Hospital Setting

Design Checklists: Bringing Plans to Life

Improved Patient Outcomes: Minimizing Error Potential

Security and Compliance: Does Your Data Have Both?

5 Drawbacks of Traditional Manufacturing Inspections

Feature Announcement: Custom Excel Has Arrived

Mobilizing Field Teams When Disaster Strikes

Data Collection: The Good, The Bad and the Ugly

Nothing Stays the Same: Learning as the Solution

Integrative Technology that Works for You

Fighting In-House Infections with Technology

Patient Data Security: What Jailbreak-Safe Measures Mean for You

Single-Offering vs. End-to-End Solutions: What’s Right for You?

Reducing Trial Costs by Reducing Duplicate Efforts

Increasing Confidence Using Permissions

OSHA Compliance in a Snap

Regular Inspections: The Key to Increased Equipment Lifespans

Master Planning: Expanding Services Without Added Equipment

Increasing Employee Confidence

Patient-Centric Drug Development: Identification Process Improvement

The Competitive Advantage: Faster Time to Market

Targeted Pre-Implementation Services

There's Still Time for a New Resolution...

A Connected Farm: Increasing Crop Yields Using Smart Technology

Medical Equipment Tracking: Facilitating Efficient Operations

Offline Substation Inspections: Simpler than Ever

Maintaining Compliance: Smart Forms as Key Facilitators

Implementation Success: Education and Support

6 Ways to Increase the Effectiveness of Your Data in 2018

Reaching an Aging Population Efficiently

American Water Systems: The Need for Efficient Inspections

Smarter Analytics: Making Data Go Further

Is Your Data Stagnant?

iFormBuilder Now Integrates With 1,000 Other Products!

Minimizing Internal Data Breach Risks

Integrating iFormBuilder: What 1000 Integrations Means for you

Electric Companies: Can Your Forms Do This?

Patient Experiences that Count: The Missing Link

10 Questions to Ask Your Mobile Solutions Provider

Dreams, Goals and a New Year: A Letter from Sze

UPDATE: Happy 2018!

Closing out 2017: 5 Data Trends to Watch

5 Ways to Increase Customer Satisfaction

Security Matters: The Stats Are In

What Do Your Dream Forms Accomplish?

Happy Holidays from Zerion

Decreasing Response Times: Real Time Data as Key

Evaluating Efficiency in the Field

iFormBuilder is Turning Ten!

Less Time in the Field = More Time for What Matters Most

Data Collection Capabilities You Should Take Advantage Of

Preparing for Implementation

Reimagining Relationships: The Next Step Toward Achieving Goals

When “Online” Isn’t an Option

Data Collection: The Backbone for Impactful International Aid Initiatives

Field Service: The Value of Good Data

10 Downfalls of Traditional Data Collection

We're Thankful For...

UPDATE: Data Authentication - Zerion’s Digital Signature

Data in the News: Security, Transparency and Compliance

Automated Data: 4 Hidden Gems

From Point A to Point Z: Automated Workflows in Action

Tech of the Future...It Starts With You

Deleting that Calendar Reminder

Reducing Reliance on Human Sensors

Have Barcodes Become Obsolete for Field Service Teams?

Customized Data Collection

In-House vs. Out-of-House IT: What’s Best for Your Tech Needs?

Saving Time, Cutting Costs, Winning Bids: The Missing Link

Avoiding Implementation Nightmares: 6 Steps for Success

Could You Use a 6th Man?

Field Service Efficiency: A Simple Solution

The Role of Support: Making the Most of Field Service Solutions

Locating Infrastructure Efficiently

Have You Evaluated Your Mobile Solutions Lately?

Are Your Field Teams Satisfied? Now's a Great Time to Change That.

The IOT and Water Systems: What You Should Know

Substation Inspections: Streamlining the Process

5 Things to Look for in a Mobile Field Service Solution

Field Service and Customer Service: The Missing Link

The Security of Your Data Matters: What Sets Zerion Apart

7 Ways Your Field Service Team Could be Missing the Mark

Stories Matter: We Learn from You!

Why Do Reports Matter Anyway?

Can Your Form Software Do THIS?

Overcoming Compliance Frustrations

6 Paper-Wasting Mistakes You Might be Guilty of

7 Ways to Improve Your Residential Building Inspection Business

More Business Insight: What it Looks Like in Action

Why Utilities Need a Paperless Disaster Response Plan

Data Security Round-Up

The Importance of Learning from Others

Data Agility: The Difference Between Industry Leaders and Followers

How Do You Analyze Critical Data?

How Electric Companies Handle Vegetation Management with Zerion

Do Your Documents Have the "Wow" Factor? (Docs)

Better Decision Making in Action: An Overview

5 Ways to Cut Down on Paper at Work

July 2017: Whats New at Zerion

We Made it Again!

Data’s Limited Shelf Life: Time for a Velocity Check

Utilities, Perform these 3 Utility Inspections Faster with Zerion

Checking The Box: Preventative & Condition-Based Maintenance

Are You Familiar (and in Compliance) with the Red Flag Rule?

No More Delayed Decision Making

The Internet of Agricultural Things

Are Your Forms All They Could Be?

Understanding Your Market: It All Starts with Data

8 Things to Look for in a Data Management System

Looking for the Ultimate Networking and Learning Experience?

5 Tools That Will Change Your M&E Project for the Better

Improving Reliability of Mobile Data

Stormwater Inspections with Zerion

8 Ways You’re Wasting Paper at Work

5 Data-Based Best Practices

Instant Report Generation: Standing Out Among the Competition

Incident Reports Just Got Less Scary

Is Too Much Learning Possible?? The Importance of Certifications

White Label: The Flexibility to Brand, Customize, and Control

Using Zerion for Monitoring and Evaluation

Creating a Culture of Efficiency for Electric Companies

Insurance Inspections: What Could Increased Accuracy Do For You?

Data Security: Are You Protecting Your Top Asset?

Insurance Inspections: Does a Faster Turnaround Time Really Matter?

7 Features Every Automated Workflow Should Include

Mid-Year Data Check-up: The Top 6 Trends of 2017 So Far

What Does “Customization” Mean for You?

Stop Repeating Your Passwords [Part 3]

Don’t Miss Out on this Year’s Power User Summit

Improving Business Reach

Password Combinations

How Data Workflows Eliminate Reporting Troubles

Top 5 Insurance Inspection Pain Points

Passwords Run the (Online) World [Part 1]

Insurance Inspections: How to Streamline Your Process

What’s Your Biggest Challenge? There’s an App for That!

Overcoming Common Data Collection Pain Points

Zero Paper Challenge: The Final Hours

Reporting and Collaboration: The Link that Makes It Possible

2017 Distinguished Projects

One Size Doesn’t Fit All: Custom Development Solutions are Key

Zero Paper Challenge: Week 3 Recap

Could Data Workflows Increase Employee Satisfaction?

The Importance of Product Upgrades: Ransomware’s Role

WannaCry Ransomware Attack (Zerion customers are safe)

Implementation Doesn’t Need to Be a Challenge: 7 Steps for Success

Increasing Security by Managing Internal Access

Week Two Is Done!

What Happens Post Data Collection?

Data’s Role in Decision-Making

A Zero Paper Lifestyle...Is it Achievable?

Implementing Solutions for Building Inspectors

4 Downfalls of Collecting Data with Pen and Paper

Soil Exploration Solution

Growing Inspection Businesses without Expanding the Workforce

A Look Ahead: The 2017 Zerion Product Roadmap

31 Days of No Paper Starts...Now!

Real-Time Data is Not Unreasonable

The Zero Paper Challenge: Launch Time, T-The Weekend

World Day for Safety and Health at Work

The Beginning of 2017

How Mobile Solutions Could Help Cure Malaria

Knowledge Transfer: Accessing the Code in a Developers Mind

Earth Day 2017: Challenge Accepted

The Five Most Important Words for Every Company

What Do You Look for in an Automated Workflow?

Make the Most of Your Data with Zerion Documents

What a Mobile Workflow Means for Your Business Productivity

Life Without Paper...The Challenge is Coming

10, 20, 30 Minutes: 3 Tips for Designing Compact Training

Cutting the Time Between Home Inspections and Report Delivery

Why Encryption At Rest Matters

A Reporting Tool Better Than Spreadsheets

How Zerion Identifies the Right Solution for You

This World Health Day...

7 Eye-Opening Statistics for Residential Building Inspection Teams

How a Mobile Data Collection Platform Will Help You Work Better

Eliminating Binders During Product Trials

You’re Invited! Join us at the 2017 Power User Summit

How the Right Datapoints Save Time on Home Inspections

Data Workflows as a Strategic Cost Cutting Tool

Three Side Effects of Using Paper for Residential Building Inspections

Taking Inspections to New Heights: SmartCAT Capture and RFID Tags

The Quest for Efficiency: Improving Your Workflow

Data’s Not a Killer: Only the Wrong Data

The Need for Customization: No Two Workflows are Identical

How Mobile Workflows are Redefining Residential Building Inspections

You Did What On Your First Day of Work?!

Happy International Women’s Day!

Predictive Analytics: In the Classroom and Beyond

How to Keep Your Customers Happy and Support Team Small

An Industry Under Attack: Is Your Data at Risk?

Chaos to Organized Chaos: Improving Ticket Tracking

Thinking About White Labeling Your Software?

Building a Scalable Data Pipeline

How Data Aids in the Mission of Nonprofits

Is Data in Your Driver’s Seat?

Top 3 Reasons Zerion Academy will Increase Success in Your Company

Removing Repetitive Work from Code Deployments

How Big Data Leads to Better Business Insight

International Data Privacy Concerns as 2017 Continues

The Data Collection Platform You Need to Improve Business Workflows

Reaching New Goals

Decluttering Your Next Project

Big Data and Sales: What’s the Connection?

Data and Farming: Slow Adoption, Huge Potential

Automation and Control: Data Applications for Engineers in 2017

The EPA’s Nanoscale Reporting Ruling and You

Raising Team Enthusiasm for New Workflow Initiatives

5 Ways a Mobile Workflow Solution Will Change Your Life

Big Data is Only the Beginning

Questions to Consider When Working with Data

Why a Strong Company Culture Matters

Satisfied Patients = Healthier Patients

2017: The Year of Working On OR Off the Grid

How Data Transforms the Missions of NGOs

Gaining the Competitive Edge: Data as a Deciding Factor

5 Things to Consider Before Purchasing a Mobile-Based Solution

The Importance of a Unified Online Front

Maintaining Focus while Embracing Data

How to Bridge the Gap Between Field Data Collection and Reporting

Wireless Monitoring…the Future of Data?

4 Ways Data can Cut Manufacturing Costs

Reducing the Risk of Human Error: Automating Workflows

How to Talk to your Managers about Zerion a Cure?

Using Data Collection Technology to Improve Healthcare

Why You Need to Rethink Your Data Management Process

Data Management: Better Decisions

Consistent Food Safety

Consistent Food Safety Inspections

Whole Foods Warned by the Food and Drug Administration

Q&A with Jim Degliumberto, 2016 Trailblazer Award Recipient

Q&A with Al Rude, 2016 Trailblazer Award Recipient

America's $55 Billion Food Safety Problem

GammaWorks Redefines Workflows for Teams in Australia

Vote Now! You'll Decide the Next iFormBuilder Feature

Avoiding Recalls: What Every Food Services Company Needs To Do

We Want YOU!

Maximizing Potential: Zerion and You

Seymour Whyte Group: Using the API and Increasing Data Accuracy

What the FAST Act means for Rebuilding America's Infrastructure

Richfords Fire & Flood: Improving Workflows

How Technology Will Give Your Field Teams More Time

Tetra Tech: Efficient and Effective Emergency Response

SCIRT & JACOBS: Capturing Data and Restoring Neighborhoods

An Engineer's Essentials for Project Success

Implementing a 'Fully Integrated, Mobile' Vision

Fast Tracking Mobile Inspections

Creating Clean Water for Families

Customer Showcase: Using the Zerion APIs

The Flexibility to Brand, Customize, and Control Your iForm App

Apple, the FBI, and Data Security

Lothian Valuation Joint Board: Increasing Data Accuracy in Scotland

7 Reasons to Attend the Power User Summit

Improving Healthcare and Empowering Teams with Mobile Technology

7 Reasons to Become a Certified Form Builder

How the Zerion API Will Reduce Stress

The Benefits of Workflow Automation

Solving Problems with the SQL Server Data Pipe

What to Look For In An Offline Data Collection Platform

2016 Distinguished Project Awards!

Registration is Open! Join Us at the 2016 iFormBuilder User Summit

Happy New Year! | A Letter from Sze Wong

Release 8.5 and 8.6: New Widgets and Improved Interfaces!

"What is Big Data?"

Early Adoption Stories

The Broken Model of Access Control

4 Ways to use Zapier to take Advantage of the Zerion API

Why One Company Developed A Mobile Business Technology Division

Leveraging GPS Technology with Zerion

From Paper and Fillable PDFs to Mobile Devices and Digital Forms

An Inspection Tool for Your Room Inspections

iOS 9: We're On It. Are You?

Smart Tables, Sensors, and Built-Ins ...Oh My!

Decrease Water Waste, Improve Water Quality

Strengthening Coffee-Growing Groups

When Healthcare Information is Compromised...

How The Hunger Project Used Zerion to Enhance Project Potential

Using Mobile Data Collection for a Cleaner Environment

[BREAKING NEWS] 2016 Changes to Accounts

We Did It (Again!) - Zerion Software Named to 2015 Inc. 500|5000 List

Visualizing Data: iFormBuilder Partners with Klipfolio

The Top 5 Most Useful Zerion Element Types

[Recap] ESRI UC 2015: "iFormBuilder Just Makes Sense!"

Why Developers LOVE Zerion

Meet Our Intern: Srijan Karan

2015 Enhancements to the iFormBuilder Platform

[Video] iFormBuilder Integration with ArcGIS Collector

Responding at a Moment's Notice

We're On the #RoadtoUC!

The Future of Data Security

MEDA Spotlight: Robust Data

[Videos] Recap of the 2015 iFormBuilder Power User Summit

iFormBuilder Release 8.0: Performance and Efficiency

Meet the Newest Members of the iFormBuilder Team

Key Tools to Ensure Food Safety

New To Mobile Data Collection? Start Here.

Next Generation Monitoring for Zerion

Zerion for Agriculture Field Trials

Transforming Agricultural Development with Technology

Zerion for Monitoring Swine Health

Part 1: The Importance of Farming

The Diversity of Zerion Projects

Preventing Rheumatic Heart Disease with Zerion

Zerion for Healthcare Professionals

Healthcare Preparedness: A Vital Part of Disaster Response

Using iFormBuilder for Research

iFormBuilder 7.5: Filtered Options, Built-In Functions, and More!

Utilizing Zerion for Biosafety and EHS Compliance

2015 iFormBuilder Power User Summit

What Can You Do with a Searchable Option List?

Calling all Hackers and Thinkers!

RJN Group: Zerion Champions

Congrats, Award Recipients!

Remembering Gaetano Borriello

2015 Esri UC: Are You Going?

Interview: Antoine Burdett at AECOM

The Evolution of Seed Testing

Download the E-Book! iFormBuilder for GIS Professionals

The Value of Barcode Scanning

Zerion + GIS = Engineering Joy

2015 USDA International Biosafety and Biocontainment Symposium

Zerion Advancements in 2015

A Conversation with Rainforest Alliance

Tag, You’re It! 2015 PIT Tag Workshop

Tetra Tech: iFormBuilder Champion

NGOs Rock 'n' Roll with iFormBuilder

Zerion Software and Hour of Code

5 Reasons Why Seed Companies Love Zerion

Tip of the Week: Maximize Zerion Security

Visit Tony at MoDev Con 2014

2014 Hunger Project Gala: Ending Hunger by 2030

2014 Let's Talk Coffee Event

Connecting Data Collectors in the Field

Zerion visits USAID Innovation Marketplace in Washington DC

100 Million Transactions-- and Counting!

Video: ArcGIS and Zerion Integration

Exciting News: Announcement

TOP 10 Reasons GIS Professionals Love iFormBuilder

Esri and iFormBuilder Team to Fight Washington State Moth Crisis

Zapier recognizes iFormBuilder in new Zaps for June 2014

Sze Wong talks Esri and iFormBuilder Mobile Data Collection Apps

Burpee Seeds Uses Zerion Mobile Apps!

The Hunger Project: Using iFormBuilder for Monitoring & Evaluation

Spotlight on Living Water International

Mobile Apps for NGOs Help Save the World - NGO Summit Report

Esri Selects iFormBuilder

Wahooo! iFormBuilder named 2014 Esri Best New Partner!

iFormBuilder NGO Summit 7

5 Steps to NGO Success: Part 5 - Review, Refine, and Repeat.

Spotlight: The Hunger Project

S.A.M.R - Redefining What Is Possible With Mobile Data Collection

Make Your Data Dance With The API

NGO Summit: McLean, VA

FormMobi users-- Zerion welcomes you!

5 Steps to NGO Success: Part 4 Monitoring and Evaluation

Happy Holidays from iFormBuilder!

Where in the World is iForm?

iFormBuilder at MoDev East

5 Steps to NGO Success: Part 3 Marketing & Money

Thanks from iFormBuilder!

BioRisk meets NGO: A Quest for Biosafety

5 Steps to NGO Success - Part 2: Listen and Learn

Video: Let's Talk Coffee (Cupping)

Mobile Data Collection for Sustainability in El Salvador and Beyond

5 Steps to NGO Success - Part 1: Collaboration

BioRisk App for Compliance

Zerion Helps Plant the Seeds of Success in Madagascar

iFormBuilder Achieves Silver Status in Esri Partner Network

Emory's Audit Program

Part 2: Optimizing Seed Trials with Zerion

Best Apps for Education

Dudek & iFormBuilder: Environmental Research

CRS Collecting Census Data in Africa

Part 3: iFormBuilder as a Solution to Agriculture Data Collection