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Tony Ruth

By: Tony Ruth on July 9th, 2015

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2015 Enhancements to the iFormBuilder Platform

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The first half of 2015 is a wrap, and the second half is off to a quick start with new features and platform updates to make your teams more efficient.

I am very excited for the new adventures ahead (including iOS 9) but before we get too far ahead I want to take a moment and reflect on the accomplishments thus far. If you missed the webinar about the 2015 Advancements to the Zerion platform, you can access a recording in the link below.

Filtered Option List

This was the number one requested feature on the community forums, and allows users to search the contents of a list by keying in information into a search bar and having the options refined in real time. Learn more about the searchable option list by reading this blog post.

Application Security

The internet can be a scary place; vigilance and training is a must to fight off attacks that can come in many shapes and forms. To stay in top shape we trained closely with experts to think like attackers and take the offensive by attacking our own software regularly and closing new vulnerabilities.

Private Media

For sensitive media, a new storage option was introduced which requires user authentication to view any file. You can change this setting under Company Info in the Media Configuration settings. A media API was introduced to assist in extracting these files through scripted routines.

Subform Batch Mode

Have a multi-page subform where you capture 10 or more records? This feature was made for you, and, when enabled, will start a new subform entry upon pressing done on the previous subform entry. This eliminates the need for the user to tap "+" each time they complete a subform record and need to begin a new one. Read the Zerion 8.0 Release Notes to learn more about this advancement.

API (v.6.0)

With a complete re-write, the latest version of the Zerion APIs give you even more power with more batch requests and also introduces grammar for performing SQL-like queries against the API services.

Package Builder

This is a brand new development that will be released later this month, stay tuned for more details!

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About Tony Ruth

Tony Ruth leads the product development team at Zerion, enjoys being challenged, and has a natural curiosity that constantly leads him in new directions. Email: truth@zerionsoftware.com.

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