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Berit Johannessen

By: Berit Johannessen on October 9th, 2014

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2014 Let's Talk Coffee Event

Compliance and Safety | Project Monitoring


Who wishes they were in Panama sipping coffee right now?  I sure wish I was! 

Two of our team members (Chris & Keith) are having a FANTASTIC time in Panama right now at the  Let's Talk Coffee 2014 event. Not only are they assisting with the event as the technology partner, (using the Zerion platform for check-in, scheduling, pictures and more) they have been able to sit in and learn from some of the speakers. The Let's Talk Coffee Partners are fantastic as well! With all the participants &  partners , Let's Talk Coffee is taking coffee to the next level.

Let’s Talk Coffee® is a global event of exceptional scale and impact. Now in its 12th year, Let’s Talk Coffee brings the Relationship Coffee Model to life with a gathering that brings supply chain partners together in coffee producing countries to discuss pressing issues in the industry, strengthen business relationships, and participate in training workshops and cuppings. - Learn more from the  Let's Talk Coffee website>>  






About Berit Johannessen

Berit Johannessen is a Solutions Engineer at Zerion. Her main goal is to train individuals and organizations on how to deploy successful projects.

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