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Berit Johannessen

By: Berit Johannessen on October 21st, 2014

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2014 Hunger Project Gala: Ending Hunger by 2030

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On Saturday, October 18, 2014 Chris Reichart and I had the wonderful opportunity to join in celebrating The Hunger Project (THP) at their "Rethink World Hunger" 2014 Gala in NYC.

During the event, we were joined by Megan Colnar,  a Senior M&E Specialist at The Hunger Project.  Megan kindly walked us around and introduced us to current users of the Zerion platform as well as individuals who were interested in using the platform in the future.  Everyone was very kind and so excited to hear that we were  "From Zerion."

Not only were we introduced to representatives from multiple countries, but we also met the new President and CEO, Åsa Skogstrom Feldt during the cocktail hour.  She was extremely pleasant and you could tell instantly that she lived and breathed The Hunger Project.  I was surprised that she also recognized the Zerion platform.

During the event, there was amazing food, conversation entertainment and speakers.  The speakers during the "Partnership and Transformative Leadership for the Sustainable End of Hunger" were incredible!

Partnership_Leadership_1.pngAs each speaker presented on the project that they were associated with, you could feel their determination and passion for Ending Hunger by 2030.  Each project was unique and was conquering this quest in different areas of the world. It was wonderful to hear about some of these projects, knowing that Zerion has been a part of their implementation. Whether is was to assist in gaining gender leadership, gender equality, youth mobilization, water sanitation, etc it was a great learning opportunity to hear how the platform was being used.    Thank you THP, for inviting us into your world.  You are truly living up to the Zerion motto:

Knowledge is Gathered & Good Data can Change Your World.


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